Monday Morning Inspiration


“ The highest and the most beautiful things in life are not to be heard about, or read about, nor seen but are to be lived. ”

~ Sara Kierkegaard


Renata Boeck and Zooey Deschanel – some of the most beautiful women of their time.

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Hello J.Crew

Multiple classic garments that contrast each other worn with eclectic accessories  - brooches, tights, necklaces, ankle socks, fur-trimmed bags and hats… Nobody does the layered look better than J. Crew. It’s Fall 2010 Ready to Wear Collection is one amongst my favourites for year.

The patterns, the textures, the little bursts of colour, the whole collection is just some kind of wonderful!

While most of us wouldn’t be able to pull off these catalogued looks in their entirety, it would be a good idea to  deconstruct the outfits and find some affordable basics along with some really special pieces for the upcoming festivities.

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…It is on things like these that our lives depend.
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Monday Morning Inspiration

Nothing happens unless first a dream ~ Carl Sandburg.


 Don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger this week!

Hello bloggy friends! In my attempt to inspire you and make your Monday a wee bit better, I have Jenny Present offering a 10% discount to all Miles Of Style readers at her lovely Etsy Shop. Click here to visit JP Style and purchase some pretty cute jewellery. They shall make lovely X’mas gifts too. Don’t forget to enter discount code:MILESOFSTYLE when you check out.

Happy Shopping darlings!


Hello Lyn Gardener

Vintage Queen Lyn Gardener’s home has been shown in several interior magazines and websites. And yet, I can’t help sharing images of this charming house as it offers an exceptional lesson in recycling.

Originally a mattress factory, Lyn has beautifully renovated this two story warehouse into a light, breezy and unapologetically girly haven.


You like?

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When In Turkey

Our stay at the Elkep Evi cave hotel in Cappadoccia was an amazing experience. Each of our cave room came with its own private rock-cut terrace. The view from our terrace was brilliant especially in the early hours of the morning. We could see dozens of hot air balloon rising up in the horizon, besides the volcanic mountain Erciyes.


With its cozy rooms, homemade Gozlemes (savoury Turkish pastries)and its unparalleled view of the Capadoccian dreamscapes – it was hard not to fall in love with this exquisite hotel.


p.s. {one or two lovely works of art}