When In Rome...

You don’t got to Rome because you want to slow down or relax. You go there with a heavy desire to wander and get inspired and be overawed with history, even if it means getting lost in this sprawling, confusing city without a centre.

2.8 million inhabitants, poor public transportation, abundant pick pockets and too much to see-too little time type of situations can often leave tourists feeling a wee bit daunted.

For me, suggesting a few must see sights in Rome is like asking a mother to pick her favourite child… absolutely sacrilegious.

The Sistine Chapel is a must visit. The Coloseum, a must visit. The Arc of Titus, a must visit. The Trevi Fountain, a must visit. The Spanish Steps, a must visit. Via Borgognona, a must visit. The Pantheon, a must visit. The other lesser known Roman attractions that I didn’t get a chance to  see, they are a must visit too!

It’s how majestic this city is.

It is how timeless Rome is.

{images via here and here}


It’s finally my turn in the spotlight! Tomorrow I’m being interviewed on …a reflection by Tuesdai. Won’t you come visit me there and share my excitement? See you tomorrow lovelies.

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  1. Hi,Sara:-)*
    It´s realy Magnificent sity...you are absolutely rigth,my dear,dear friend!-)*

    Wish you great success with an intervieu,darling!!!


  2. oh, i'll read your interview on Tuesdai's blog. I'll be interviewed on there too tomorrow!

    i'll also check out your giveaway. Be sure to check out my sunglasses, makeup and jewelry giveaway on my blog.


  3. Yes yes yes I love Rome...We have been there twice and it was magical..There is so much to see and do...Ahhh:) City to love:)
    I will see you tomorrow for sure:)

  4. Anonymous6/24/2010

    Gorgeous pics. I haven't been but that too is on my bucket list. Of course, I will be visiting your guest post tomorrow!! xo

  5. Such a lovely post sweetie! I've been to Italy numerous times but have never actually made it down to Rome. One day I certainly will :)

  6. I love Rome because you can practically see the history oozing out of every pore. Living in a young city it is such a difference when you go to one that has such a significant history.

  7. Hey...Beautiful city!! And lovely photos! It looks like a part of some fairytale! :)

  8. Hi! So glad you came by Aspiring Kennedy... I love your blog, too! And I REALLY love Rome! :)

    Ryan Air is ending a 10 GBP sale today from London to Rome. I am thinking about surprising my husband with a trip there for one night just to have dinner. It's only 10 pounds!! :) I think I would be foolish not to, right?

    Ok, I am following you now. Yes- following eachother sounds lovely. I love adding to my daily list of good reads!


  9. I love Rome !! so much history, monuments and what food!!another must see is Via del corso - all the designer shops:-) I do have to say that I was very impressed by their public transportation..will check out ur interview..congrats!!

  10. Great description! One day I hope to go there :) Lovely images as well!

  11. I have been longing to visit Rome for sometime now, and I think its finally going to happen this summer. We have a wedding in Sween and want to make a pit stop to Italy. Rome is most certainly on the top of my list!

    So many things to see, food, wine, aaaamazing!


    If you have a moment, pop on over, I have a fab dress giveaway today!

  12. What a beautiful city Rome is and I still haven't been there! I have to go! Thanks for lovely pictures! XO

  13. Oh!!! I would LOVE to go to Rome! Pretty much anywhere in Europe I would LOVE to go!! I love your blog....this is my first visit and I have had a spectacular time.

    visit my blog: www.aflourishingperspective.blogspot.com

  14. Rome is simply incredible. You are making me miss it!
    The sistine chapel was one of my favorites. You feel in awe and peace.

    Not to mention the ice cream is out of this world!

  15. Anonymous6/25/2010

    Such pretty pictures. I really need to travel abroad.


  16. I love this post!! So beautiful pictures :)

  17. Ah I would love to visit Rome. It looks stunning! The pictures are amazing and they are definitely igniting that wanderlust in me again. x

  18. ooo beautiful pictures! i especially like how the bird is captured in the last photo. i wish i could go to rome!

  19. thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! i loved rome when i went last semester but i definitely felt overwhelmed, especially after visiting the more carefree cities of venice and florence. the trevi fountain and the gelato are not to be missed however!

  20. Haven't been there..but certainly is a dream to! Love the pics..xoxo

  21. Hey :)

    ...this is quite the VIEW! One place I definitely hope to travel the map thru...thanks for sharing. And it's been posted :) Have a fab day :)

  22. Gave you an award on my blog. Go grab it =)

  23. The day in my life that I decide upon traveling, you're getting infinite calls from me. You will be apointed my official tour-in-style advisor!! :P Love the photos and all that you wote about Rome. :) Some Gujju must be hoping to finish the sentence with "...do a Roman" ;) hugs!

  24. georgeus :)
    *wondering. . . when i can go there for holiday :(

  25. amazing shots! specially love the first one. some day ;)


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