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Hello, Prague

Can hardly believe that already, a month ago was boarding a flight to Praha, and everything seems to have flown since… So for the rest of the morning shall revel in some photographs of places visited and adventures realised

…and yet so many exciting things to look forward to this year – more travel plans to execute, airlines to board and memories to make!

{All images taken by Persis Shah for Miles of Style. Please link back, if borrowed.}


The Beautiful Belvedere

If there ever was a fairy tale, it would be set in the palace of Belvedere… the sort of place only imagined in bits and pieces and fleeting thoughts of romance in one’s dreams. For its beauty is magnificent and allure, unmatched.

   Built in the 18th century as a summer residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy in the city of Vienna, the Belvedere and its extensive gardens are considered to be by far the world’s finest Baroque landmarks.

  Left unchanged through centuries, it is a sheer delight to the senses to see the ancient windows of the palace, not a single one left untouched by the flirtation of decadent, decorative mouldings of imperial grandeur.

  Seemingly unending treasures of sculptures, fountains and cascades unfold as you walk along the symmetric palace gardens to take in a spectacular view of the city - the impossibly romantic and always beautiful, Vienna

{All images taken by Persis Shah for Miles of Style. Please link back, if borrowed.}


Take Me Away

Off for a well-deserved break from the past few busy, busy weeks... And by the time you read this shall be well on my way to Austria and then Czech Republic -- on a beautiful adventure leading me along the Danube river, past castles and old stone bridges, swept away by years of history, amidst picturesque gardens and old world romance of cobblestoned streets and quaint cafes.


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Hello, London

The weekend has begun with golden rays of morning sun streaming through tall windows on my bed and my thoughts are drifting, drifting off to a city I shall never tire of – London, with its enchanting grey skies and romantic history that castes the most beautiful backdrop to every day life in perhaps one of the most visited cities of the world.

It feels like a million years ago that I visited London and yet I have vivid memories of its grand architecture softened with pretty fauna, uniforms and parades, delicious teas prepared and served at London bed and breakfasts, the Buckingham palace with images of monarchy, leisurely boat rides along Regent’s Canal and evenings out at the theatre…


A sweet nostalgia for all the places visited and many more yet to wander and discover

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There is so much more to France than just ParisIf you ever find yourself in the south of France, be certain to visit Toulouse. Steeped in history yet hip and lively, I visited Toulouse for a week long exchange program as a student on a shoe string budget and yet there was always plenty to see and do

Visit the Toulouse Cathedral to admire its two distinct styles of architecture, Roman and Gothic.


Take a leisurely walk on the tree lined Canal du Midi and admire its many house boats.


Get lost in one of the prettiest neighbourhoods of the city, Les Carmes. With streets so narrow that you can barely see the sky, window shop your way around the many jewellery and antique shops in this district.


And lastly, hang around in one of the many cafes on Place du Capitole, dubbed as ‘the living room of the city’. Demonstrators, performers, vendors, tourists - this is where all the action is.


And already as I write this, there are thoughts of spending an enchanted weekend in this Rose City and a strong desire to relive all of it once again.

{images via: 1,2,3,4}


Edinburgh’s Hogmanay

If you are planning to celebrate New Year’s eve on foreign shores this year then I insist that you consider the Edinburgh Hogmanay Festival. It is by far one of the most wild and wonderful way to bring in a new year!


Thousands of people descend upon the old streets of Edinburgh to part take in a massive street party which includes one of the most astounding fireworks display with the Edinburgh castle as a backdrop. Enjoy the torch-light processions, live concerts, magic shows, comic acts, folk dances… there’s something for everyone. Join hands with your friends and everyone else to sing Burn’s Auld Lang Syne and if like me you don’t know the words just mouth any ol’ song along.


At the stroke of midnight be prepared to be backslapped, hugged and kissed by complete strangers. Yes, the Scots are friendly folks and the revelry is all in good taste.


And when you feel peckish there are innumerable food stalls and pubs to choose from. Remember, the more you get drunk the more you shall bond with Scotland! 


A word of caution, if you plan to spend the night in Edinburgh book a room well in advance as the hotels get filled up very early in the year… or else be prepared to sleep in the car, like I did.

{images via Getty Images}



When In Turkey

Our stay at the Elkep Evi cave hotel in Cappadoccia was an amazing experience. Each of our cave room came with its own private rock-cut terrace. The view from our terrace was brilliant especially in the early hours of the morning. We could see dozens of hot air balloon rising up in the horizon, besides the volcanic mountain Erciyes.


With its cozy rooms, homemade Gozlemes (savoury Turkish pastries)and its unparalleled view of the Capadoccian dreamscapes – it was hard not to fall in love with this exquisite hotel.


p.s. {one or two lovely works of art}


Turkish Delights

Hello lovelies!!! I’m home again and it’s lovely to see you all. My whirlwind trip to Turkey was filled with early mornings, flights to catch and bags to pack… and yet it was the most perfect holiday ever!

Still dreaming of the Bosphorous coastline, fairy chimneys, breath-taking travertines, ornate architecture, soothing thermal baths, delish food and the utterly captivating amalgamation of European and Islamic cultures and charm of Turkey.

I have many stories to tell -- but first, some photographs to share while I catch my breath…



Burano Bellissimo

If I could magically appear somewhere this weekend, it would be here…

The island of Burano, a ferry ride away from Venice.



Even laundry days seem delightful in Burano!

Isn’t the world we live in just beautiful? Sigh, I’m visiting this rainbow coloured village againsomeday.

Wishing you all a colourful weekend!

{image credits: 1,2,3,4}