Turkish Delights

Hello lovelies!!! I’m home again and it’s lovely to see you all. My whirlwind trip to Turkey was filled with early mornings, flights to catch and bags to pack… and yet it was the most perfect holiday ever!

Still dreaming of the Bosphorous coastline, fairy chimneys, breath-taking travertines, ornate architecture, soothing thermal baths, delish food and the utterly captivating amalgamation of European and Islamic cultures and charm of Turkey.

I have many stories to tell -- but first, some photographs to share while I catch my breath…




    I want more STORIES & PICS.... was wondering when will you be back.


    ps : gosh! now i feel like going to turkey just by looking at your few photos.

  2. Welcome back!Fabulous photos.Looks like you had FUN :)

    Hugs from Morocco<3


  3. SO happy you are back...wow, what incredible photos....it must have been AMAZING!!!

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  4. yup - i most definatly can use a vacay there!

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    *kiss kiss*

  5. Yayyy welcome back hon!! :) The pictures are fabulous! :) I love countries with an Islamic influence. They just seem enchanting to me so! I'm glad you had fun! :)

  6. Welcome back and oh my god those images are amazing!! I need to go visit Turkey some day it seems :)

  7. Welcome Back Gorgeous! The pictures look blissful! Glad you had a good time. Can't wait to hear more stories!!!

  8. Kevin and I have been DYING to go there! We almost made it there on our honeymoon, but we ran out of time..
    <3 Cara
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  9. Oh...it sounds and looks gorgeous:-)))*

    Welcom,welcom back,hurra!!!

    All these photos are realy nice evidence of you gorgeous time in Turkish paradise...

    My hugs and Love to you,

  10. Welcome back, sweetie! Looks like it was a fantastic trip! I've always wanted to visit Turkey. Thanks for sharing the loveliness :) xoxo

  11. So, great to have you back in the blog world.
    What a fantastic trip Girl, incredible pictures! I have always wanted to go to Turkey and the want is not less by seeing this:)

  12. Great to have you back!! Happy diwali and a happy new year!! I am still recovering from all the sweets i ate over the weekend:-)

    The pics are really gorgeous!! you have an eye for detail!!

  13. fantastic photos, I especially love the one with the hot air balloons. The colors are grand

  14. Glad to see you are back! These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Wow, you do a great job at photography!!! What a beautiful place!!

  15. These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! Welcome back :-)

  16. welcome home and it looks so gorgeous there. love your photos, especially those hot air balloons. take me away!

  17. Welcome back :) Turkey is beautiful..I lived there for 3 years and I can't think of a more beautiful country to visit or live in..the people, the food, culture -- it's all so amazing!! Glad you had a great time!!

  18. Anonymous11/09/2010

    Hey Persis, wow amazing pictures and beautiful writeup. You should write professionally for a travel magazine :). Welcome back!!

  19. Hi Persis, darling. Glad you had a fabulous time. Welcome back! Nice pics!

  20. welcome back :) :) and lovely photos! i didnt think turkey looked that good.. glad u had a good time and I look forward in reading more posts about your holiday :)

    xx Winnie

  21. you went to the Hagia Sophia!!!
    such beautiful pictures girl
    great to hear that your holiday went so well =)


  22. saal mubaarak girly!
    these pictures are so amazing and just make me want to travel..
    so glad you are back.

  23. You took amazing pics, really! Love it all:-) Mmmm Turkish coffee yummmm! We went to Ephuses last year and loved it. Welcome back dear

  24. hey super pics from my magical country!
    But, I am definetely sure you have tones of beautiful more photos ..
    PLease share with us your Turkey journey.. which cities you visited?
    did you visit amazing Bosphorus shore in the night time,?
    waiting more pics and stories :)
    cheers from Magical Istanbul
    sebnem aka
    shebbodesign http://www.shebbodesign.etsy.com

  25. wonderful post!
    my name's martina and I come from Italy...if you want follow me!I wait you and your tips! kiss kiss ^^

  26. Unbelievable! Lucky you!

  27. Wow...catch ur breath fast Persis...
    Coz these pics are already making us breathless:-)
    This seems so much fun...
    Do you find beauty everywhere or does beauty beckon n find u?:-)

  28. Oho..P.S.Welcome back...
    You were so missed..
    N u look cute as a button:-)


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