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I feel so honored to be a guest blogger for Miles of Style! I am Soné Moriarty from Polli. I hope my posts will inspire you and whisk you into a dreamy dimension.

These photographs reminded me a bit of my childhood for some reason, maybe it's the thought of laying down in a field of flowers? What is your best childhood memory?

Time seems to be ticking away every minute of every hour. The only way of making the best use of your time is to use it in a positive and fulfilling way! Remember to do things that you like and enjoy. Follow your dreams and desires and remember to be yourself!

I have had a full on week of baking for some reason! It's like I couldn't help myself but to bake chocolate chip cookies all week long. The only descent explanation would be that I have found an easy recipe which only takes 10 minutes of my time! I hope you have enjoyed my posts and that your feeling rather inspired!

Much Love, Polli.

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  1. lovely..my childhood memorie are my grandma's cakes and me always crying( I was too clumsy)

  2. Beaut blog! I think i'm already following =]

    The photos definately remind me of something - perhaps not childhood, but more teen life....and yes, it reminds me of lying in grass covered in flowers :)

    How pretty!

  3. SO fabulous photos and just great talented photograf she is!!!

    Amazing post,gives me inspirations and I believe also in that words:''folow all you dreams,follow you heart...''

    Thank you so very much for share these,

    Hugs and Love to you,

  4. Looooooove it:))))))))



  5. love the photos especially laying on the field, the freedom and non-worrying life. Sigh.....

  6. such beautiful photographs!!

  7. This whole post reminds me of being a kid. Dreaming, looking, eating sugary sweets. Love it!

  8. Wishing I had such an innocent memory of my childhood. I should be baking right now, I can see, cupcakes popping up all over the place making me go crazy:)

  9. Wow the post came out really pretty, love the way you use the sizing of the fonts :) very pretty! thanks for asking me!

  10. Nice to meet you Polli. Nice post.


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