Sevilla Hermosa

Stunning landscapes, intricate architecture, tree lined boulevards, mighty cathedrals, ancient fortresses, old narrow alleys, charming side-walk cafes, flamboyant outfits, colourful people, majestic bullfights, delightful tapa bars, fiestas n’ siestas – just some of the things that make Seville one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The sights, sounds and tastes of Seville are breathtaking and any budding photographer’s delight.

People say that every day is beautiful in Seville and I can’t agree more! I tried to capture some this beauty through my lens and here are the results. I hope you like them…

I won’t even attempt to describe the astounding  beauty of Seville. Words could never do justice to this glorious city.

Let me just end by saying that Seville was an assault on my senses every which way I turned!

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If You're Going to San Francisco...

Well, it's my final day of guest blogging here at Miles of Style, it has been so much fun meeting all of you!  I hope you've enjoyed my little vignettes, if you like what you see, do come visit me over at Little Blue Deer, and stay tuned for more lovely guest blogs next week, from Dustjacket Attic, Casa Bella and Boho Market!  Many thanks to Persis for asking me to join her here!  Love to you all! 
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Monday Morning Inspiration

Please excuse my sporadic posts and comments this week as I’m likely to get crazy busy getting things done at work and at home before I take my yearly summer holiday. In the meantime, here’s a little  inspiration to kick start your week ahead…

 (images via WeHeartIt)

I just came across this Albert Einstein quote today and it inspired me to create a mood board around it. Perfectly apt words for a Monday morning, don’t you think?