Hello O’2ND

Seriously, instantly in love with O’2NDs Spring Campaign. Full 60S dresses, cascading ruffles, floral ornamentation, ankle length gloves, whimsical hats, oversized props
Everything here is expertly pruned and photographed by the maestro himself - Tim Walker.
Dainty, demure and delicious!
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Oops Your Slip Is Showing…

…While almost always an embarrassing situation to handle, unless you are wearing one of these pretty under things.

Your Slip Is Showing is a line of apparel whose mini and knee length slips are meant to be seen!

Layer them under your skirts & dresses or mix n’match with your favourite skinnies and bring on  the glam.

How incredibly fun, flirty and fancy! And since they are rather steeply priced I think they would make for a lovely DIY project. What do you think?

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A Timeless Love Story

The Taj Mahal is more than just a story of an emperor in love with his beautiful wife. It is also the love story of thousands of craftsmen who put their hearts and souls into creating one of the most exquisite monument of the world.

Tried to capture some of that exquisiteness in my camera…

The Taj Mahal – In all her glory!

Trying to convince hubby dearest to build me a Taj! (wink)

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Parisian Love

A photo-shoot set in one of Paris’s most pleasant gardens. Could there be anything better than that? Absolutely Yes!

Especially since it involves one of my favourite designer and two of my favourite fashion bloggers.


How beautiful are they? No. Seriously, how beautiful are they!

The Cherry Blossom Girl and Miss Pandora, model Alexandra Grecco’s creations at the Jardin des Tuleries ’s fair in Paris.

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Wallpaper It

Yes, sometimes it is really as simple as picking the right wallpaper to turn your living space from boring to fabulous.

Gone are the days of slick minimalism and solid coloured wallpapers. Get creative and think textures, patterns, expressions, colours and choose one that best fits your style sensibilities.

Here are some of my favourites.

There are many and varied ways of installing wallpapers and currently I’m drawn to the idea of framing them like wall art.

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Hello February

No theme. Just some pretty pictures and bits of random inspiration to get things on track for the month ahead.

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Dear readers of Miles Of Style: I hope your February is sweet and filled with happy times

Love, Persis.