Hello Yeojin Bae

Today I’m loving these sharp and sophisticated outfits from Yeojin Bae’s Summer 2011 collection.


How simple yet fresh is Bae’s palette of colours. Persimmon and chocolate brown mixed with petrol blue and minimalist white, this is colour blocking at its best! Don’t you agree?

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p.s. Due to some blogger bug I haven’t been able to leave comments on so many blogs since over a month. If you have the name/url option enabled in the Comment section of your blog I have left you comments through that. But some of your blogs don’t have that feature as well.

To name a few: Bluebird notes, Bringing Pretty Back, Art House Design, La Cabeza de Mari Antoneita, Dreams Don’t Turn To Dust, Mademoiselle Mermaid… if you don’t see me commenting on your posts this is the reason why. If any of you has a solution for this, please guide me through it.


  1. Sorry to hear you've been having these issues Persis. I've had a few issues and usually I just close blogger and try again....sometimes it works. Other than that. I just make a note to go back to that blog later and see if I can pop in a message.

    These outfits are very sweet. I definitely like the minimalist look!

    p.s. I finally opened my Etsy shop. I'll be adding bracelets to it next week!


  2. Don't feel bad I don't mind ;) I'm sorry I cam't help. But my comment box does have "name/url" option! :) x


  3. AGREE! These outfits are wonderful! Cute but sophisticated all in one!
    I know- blogger is driving us all crazy! Grr!
    Have a pretty day!

  4. So frustrating...love all of these beautiful clothes - the colors fabulous!!

  5. Great outfits! :-)

  6. ooh this is beautiful! love the colours :)

  7. Sorry that you're having trouble commenting - that stinks! Love this collection though!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  8. try writing to the HELP section of the blogger and keep doing R&D of your own by clicking here n there-something seemed to have worked for me when I had issues with my comment box not appearing to any readers-all the best!

    and comments or no comments-you are super loved:-)

  9. Hi Persis,

    I love all the outfits you have shown here.
    Sorry to hear that you are having trouble leaving comments on some blogs.

    Hope that you are enjoying the weekend

  10. I think persimmon is all the rage this summer. Take care loving all the clothing in this post.

    Lisa xx

  11. The pops of persimmon are so cute! Hope all is well:-) Enjoy your week hun!

  12. Crazy blogger...looks like it works now...got your last comments. Happy dance.

    I love love colour blocking.Love persimmon! Hugs for a great new week. xoxo

  13. very nice collection
    great colors too =)


  14. I know what you mean about blogger—things have been terrible and I am seriously considering switching to wordpress because of this. As for this post, I would love to have that unique blazer in image 04—the color is just gorgeous!


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