Hello Beautiful People

This preppy but cool and easy on the eyes SS 2011 collection by Japanese brand Beautiful People has been on my mind this week.


You like?

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Hello Maia Flore

Today I’m very intrigued with these slightly uncanny, yet very attractive pictures taken by Parisian photographer Maia Flore.
You know it’s good art when an artist leaves you thinking... What feelings do these masked twins ignite within you? I’d say solitude, separation and longing. They also remind me of Audrey Niffenegger's novel Her Fearful Symmetry.
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Dream About Nothing

Oh my heaven! Would seriously dream about nothing more dressed in one of these delightful ensembles by Coco Fetish.
cocofetishdreamaboutnothing3cocofetishdreamaboutnothing4        cocofetishdreamaboutnothing5cocofetishdreamaboutnothing9 
Combining skirts with pants seems to be the next oncoming trend. Notice the juxtaposition of elegance with edge here. Eye catching yet casual, dressy yet not quite… Love these stark contrasts!
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Hello Cervin

Recently I had the pleasure of being introduced to someone whom I found to have Miles of Style... Slavica from Seductively French.  She fell head over heels in love with France a very short time ago and has consequently decided to go for a total life make-over!

She and her husband, are busy creating a company based on their love of art, culture and intrigue from around the world. Fascinated that she was so totally seduced by a country, I asked Slavica to write about something Seductively French

“It’s what’s underneath that matters most.”
I have always been enamoured with lingerie. It is sexy and feminine even if no one knows you’re wearing it. This alone makes wearing lingerie intriguing. Instantly, I feel more attractive and captivating. The confidence radiates as I strut my stuff, so why wouldn’t I want to feel like this all the time? Why should I settle on wearing underwear, when I can wear seductive lingerie? My mother always told me it’s what’s underneath that matters most, and now I know what she was talking about.

It is a known fact that the French have phenomenal lingerie designers. The one I am personally fond of is Cervin, specifically their garter belt and stockings. The garter belt harnessed around my waist as it holds up the thigh-high stockings with their dainty clasps is a truly womanly thing to don. However, this French lingerie line is much more special than that.

Considered the aristocracy of hosiery makers, this luxury line is in a class of its own. Specializing in a range of nylon, silk and merino hosiery, their stockings are mostly retro in style and are known for superior quality and soft finish. Cervin went to great lengths in a worldwide search of the original and nearly extinct machines that create the authentic seamed, fully-fashioned stockings. The Rive Gauche and Champs Elysees silk stockings, for instance, are of supreme comfort and quality, “prized by many well-known personalities,” explained Serge Massal, the Chief Executive Officer, at a party I attended. Serge wowed me with endless stories, with photo’s to prove it, of who has worn their stockings.

Now back to the garter. My personal favourite is belts classic in style and functionality. Comfort is key when it comes to wearing garter belts. Any skilled master should be effective in giving a woman what she needs. Why even bother with a garter belt? Because it is much more sensual than pantyhose. Because it will make you feel sexier. Because it will make you feel like a provocative woman. Enough said!

Here is Beyonce Knowles performing in garter belts and stockings;

Then Claudia Schiffer glamming it up;

And the infamous Madonna in her oh wow wear.

Now don’t feel like you have to be a super model, royalty or a first class performing artist to wear these yourself. While a quality garter belt starts at just under $100, albeit a bit pricey, it’s an item you will keep forever, a classic for all occasions. So take inventory of your own collection, out with the dull, and in with seductive, mature lingerie! Sure not to disappoint those who wear or those who stare.

A bientot mes amies! Slavica

Fasten on a belt
Strap on a set
When wearing Cervin
He will never forget.
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Hello Alexandra Angle


Today I’m loving this colourful and youthful Fire Island home designed by Alexandra Angle.

The house itself is white but is generously punctuated with bold and vibrant stripes of colour. Every room is different and yet the transition is seamless and easy on the eyes.

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A lovely riot of colour!


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Hello Erin Fetherston

This week’s decor inspiration is drawn from fashion designer Erin Fetherston’s NY loft.

I love how the distinct lines between fashion and decorating blur and the two merge together in a borderless existence in this chic apartment.


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